Should Christians Use The Enneagram?

The growing popularity of the Enneagram has caused Christians to start asking: Should Christians use the Enneagram or is it too conflicted in its origins? While I don't want the Enneagram to become a distraction or replacement for Scripture, I believe there's much Christians stand to benefit from its use.

Note: Updated with new content on June 2021

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What's Inside:
1) Does the Enneagram focus too much on self?
2) Is the Enneagram a Christian-based tool?
3) Should we use the Enneagram if it has occultist roots?
4) Do we have a theological basis for using the Enneagram?
5) Will the Enneagram bring a New Age worldview into the church? 
6) How can a Christian learn from the Enneagram without adopting a Non-Biblical Worldview?

7) Does the Enneagram help or hinder our evangelism?  

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