Should Christians Use The Enneagram: Answering 7 Critical Questions

The growing popularity of the Enneagram has caused Christians to start asking: are personality tests helpful or harmful? Should Christians use the Enneagram or is it too conflicted in its origins? While I don't want the Enneagram to become a distraction or replacement for Scripture, I believe there's much Christians stand to benefit from its use.

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What's Inside:
1) Does the Enneagram put too much focus on self?
2) Is the Enneagram a Christian-based tool?
3) Is the Enneagram dangerous as a spiritual tool?
4) Is the Enneagram redeemable? (if it has mixed sources?)
5) Does using personality categories do more harm than good?
6) Does the Enneagram help or hinder our evangelism?
7) Can the Enneagram itself save us?

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